CraftHuts Stone Globe Shaped Carving Tea Light Candle Holder

Material: Stone Dimension : 9 X 9 X 10 cm

This globe shaped tea light candle holder has been hand crafted from stone and the circular globe shaped stone has engraved design on it which glows when T Lite is lit inside it.

It is made from a skill that has been passed down for generations, mastered by the artisans of India. Each piece will remain unique with natural variation in color and texture of stone

Amazing carving and sculpting by hand. Timeless floral motifs. Beautiful stone that gains character over time

Easter candle Special Sale ** The Tea light candle holder has been crafted by traditional artisans from the city of the symbol of eternal love, the Taj Mahal. A keepsake that can be cherished. Romantic decor for your home.

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The Round Tea Light holder is made up of stone. It has a round stone plate at the bottom on which a circular hollow engraved stone is placed. The circular globe shaped stone has engraved design on it which glows when Tea Light is lit inside it. Tea light holder can be used as light decor, table decor and also as tea lights. The Dimensions of Stone Engraved Globe shaped Tea Light 9 X 9 X 10 cm.


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Weight0.555 kg
Dimensions12 × 9.5 × 9 cm


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