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    CraftHuts Metal Jumping Horse Statue, 28 X 11.5 X 7 cm

    Material : Metal alloy with Antique Golden Finish.

    Dimensions : 28 X 11.5 X 7 cm.

    The Standing Horse Statue represents victory, success, achievement, wealth & profit.

    Product Usage—It Can be placed in your room to refresh the decor appeal of short spaces. Also a good gift and personal collection. Dimensions : 28 X 11.5 X 7 cm. Perfect gift for those that love horses or your friends

    Handcrafted warrior Horse is standing on two legs on a carved oval shaped plat Spiritual Lucky Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, Birthday Gift

    Cleaning—Gently whisk the surface with a soft cloth if it need clean. You can use vinegar to wipe the rust if it is rusty after a long time. It can be presented as great gift for someone special. Horse are strong, loyal and dependable.

    Rs.50.00 Rs.45.00
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