About Us

Art carries uniqueness of every culture and has no boundaries and limitations. It is a form of admiring life in a spectacular and colourful way. We are privileged to be born, brought up and based in Rajasthan, a land which is recognized all over the world because of its rich and diversified art and cultural history. As the time has passed the artisans struggle to meet even their daily needs and it is very hard to keep their ancestral work alive. Some of the arts are almost on the verge of being lost as the artists are diverting from their ancestral work and knowledge. We at CraftHuts, strive to bridge the gap between the artists and demand of market. Normally people have a belief that handmade products are expensive and cannot be afforded but with proper channeling and bulk production we offer these products to end customer at a nominal price and at the same time giving the artists their handsome share which they deserve undoubtedly. At present we are working with artists from all over India and are expanding our range day by day.

As a responsible citizen we use all the natural products without causing any damage to the environment. Also we recycle waste products and reuse them with our knowledge and taste of art.

Till now we had a beautiful journey and your love and appreciation has helped us stay afloat.

Thanks to all our customers and supporters for their warmth and lovely wishes.

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